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Ahead  Posted by Dorothea Yantosca

Part 3 of 3

Dreams can be a touchy subject. To this day, whenever I relay any of my weirder dreams to my father, he will often say, “Your butt was uncovered.” (This is an old cultural saying.) I am unsure of how critical the temperature of one’s derriere is to the REM stage of sleep, but regardless the cause, dreams can be unnerving for both the dreamer and the person dreamed about.

On another note, I realize that this art is dated by the method Joe chooses to investigate the potential meaning behind Jessie’s dream. At the time of creation, going to the bookstore would have been a perfectly natural thing to do. Today, he would have searched the topic on his smartphone when she wasn’t looking.

However, I do not recommend doing an online search for “decapitation dream.” Chances are such a search would only end in tears.


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