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Ahead  Posted by Dorothea Yantosca

Part 1 of 3

In the realm of the creative, I am most passionate about two things: storytelling and art. In my early days, it started with writing little books, daydreaming made-up movies, and doodling comics. In later years, this passion lead me to the study of design. This study pushed my understanding of storytelling beyond words and pictures. Anything could tell a story, and I could tell a story with anything.

This study did not dampen my passion for what I now refer to as “sequential art.” On the contrary, it fueled it. During this time, I began a comic series, Jessie, just for fun. From an internal standpoint, this “fun” resulted in the development of my own personal working style. From an external standpoint, most readers got a laugh while some grew uncomfortably attached to the characters.

While sorting through my storage closet here at the studio, I came upon this unreleased Jessie. This three-part work was created towards the end of my student career. It was originally intended for placement into a limited-edition, silkscreened book but was not complete in time to be included in the final printing.


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