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The Tin Monkey  Posted by Dorothea Yantosca

Since Tin Monkey Studios’ creation, I had been in search of a vintage tin monkey toy to serve as a mascot of sorts. The funny thing is most vintage tin monkey toys are scary…spark spitting, jaw clanking, bug-eyed spinning scary!

The last thing I wanted was a desk buddy I feared might visit my nightmares.

After scouring the web and visiting numerous antique shops, I nearly gave up. That is, until I received a phone call from Jennifer Gabiola of Dawning Soul Poetic Goods®.

The conversation began more-or-less like this:

Jennifer: I’ve got a surprise! I just e-mailed you.

Me: Wow! Where did you find him? He’s adorable!

Thanks to Jennifer, Tin Monkey Studios now has its well-loved mascot. He sits with cymbals ready as a daily reminder that no matter how rough the day has been, it’s still better than missing an eye and having your lips sewn shut.


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